Project 365: Week 14

by Wendy Copley on April 9, 2009


April 2, 2009: Wyatt was home sick all day with a fever and a sore throat. He likes to use the couch cushions as his blankets some times.


April 3, 2009: I set the crib up for Augie and rearranged Wyatt’s room to make room for it. The baby has been sleeping “in the co-sleeper” which really means he’s been sleeping in our bed. (Though he did sleep in the co-sleeper pretty regularly his first few months.) I’m ready to transition him into his crib, but we’re planning to get him used to it first, so he gets to play in there for now.


April 4, 2009: Zach tried out his new digital projector, complete with an old school movie screen. We had high hopes for it, but it turned out to be a really sub-par TV watching experience. By the way, do you like our coat closet there? For those of you who might not spot it right away, it’s that big chair with all the jackets piled onto it. I can’t believe I’m posting a picture of that on the internet.


April 5, 2009: Wyatt still felt sick all through the weekend but seemed to be getting a little better each day. When he woke up on Sunday though, it looked pretty likely that he had developed an ear infection. We went to Kaiser to have a doctor look in his ears and prescribe some antibiotics. He took a nap when we got home and when he woke up, his temperature was 104.5!! Inwardly, I totally freaked, but I’m proud to say that outwardly I managed to keep my cool. I gave him some Tylenol, made him drink a big glass of apple juice and had him change into shorts and a t-shirt. I also tried to get him to put a wet washcloth on his head, but there was no way he was going for that. After about 45 minutes he fever dropped back down to the 101-102 degree range. Man that was scary though!


April 6, 2009: Our neighbors stopped by to play for a bit before dinner and they were in dress-up clothes, so Wyatt had to put his Batman costume on too.


April 7, 2009: just to show that he’s not always happy (though he usually is).


April 8, 2009: This is how we roll. Cutie patootie in the baby bucket, bucket on the Snap n’ Go, scrapbook supplies in the basket down below, the Skip*Hop hanging from the handle, keys and iced latte in the cup holder.

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