Tour of the Boys’ Room, aka Cowboy Land

by Wendy Copley on April 7, 2009

It’s long past time to move Augie out of the co-sleeper and into his own bed, so last Friday I hauled the crib out of the basement and put it together. The boys are going to be sharing a room so we had to rearrange things a bit to get everything to fit. We have a lot of furniture — crib, dresser, big boy bed, toy shelf and book shelf — in a very small area, so the room is pretty cramped. To complicate matters there are three doors and a window in the room and of course, I wanted space for the boys to play. Bleh. It was like the hardest puzzle ever! I think we finally got it set up in a way that will work though.

Wyatt and I cleaned it up so we could move the furniture around, so I seized the opportunity to take a few photos while it looked (mostly) nice. This is about the only room in our house that’s “decorated” and I really like being in there. The themes are “Cowboy” and “red”. Cowboy because…well…I have a kid named “Wyatt”. There will be no escaping cowboy for him ever in his entire life. So his dad and I decided early on to embrace the cowboy. The red is there because it’s one of my favorite colors but also because it’s impossible to decorate a room with a cowboy theme without using any red. As a bonus, as Wyatt got older he decided that red is his favorite color. I hope Augie likes red too!

OK, on to the tour.

In this first photo, you can see Augie’s crib (plus Augie!). I need to get some kind of decoration over his bed but I’m going to think on it a bit because I need something that won’t be dangerous. When I say “dangerous” I’m generally talking about anything he could get tangle up in or that could fall on his head in an earthquake, so that rules out any framed art. I’m thinking I might make something out of paper that incorporates his name or a big A for August or something like that. Down below the crib is a rolling box that I use for baby toy storage. That glowing door there leads to our heavenly bedroom. Then, to the right of the door you can see the boys’ dresser. It doubles as a changing table, obviously. The frame above the changing table holds three postcards with art from children’s books — Chrysanthemum, Curious George and Where the Wild Things Are.

The boys' room

Moving to the right of the dresser, you can see Wyatt’s bed. I had planned to make a quilt for his bed, but when I found this cowboy themed bedding at Target, I took the easy way out. I didn’t get them in the photo at all, but I also have two flag garlands hanging up near the ceiling over Wyatt’s bed. They add a tremendous amount of color to the room.

The boys' room

This next shot is of the toy corner. The play kitchen is under the window, then the book case, then the toy shelf. I did a whole post about how the toys are organized here. I’m amazed to say that after a whole year with this system, it’s still working pretty well. I’ve had to go through and resort the toys once or twice, but Wyatt actually manages to keep the toys in their proper bins for the most part. Games and some bigger toys are stored on top of the shelf.

The boys' room

This photo shows the fourth and final corner of the room. You can see the bandana rug pretty well in this shot. You can also see the cowboy prints we have hanging on the wall above the toy shelf. Wyatt’s aunt and uncle gave them to him as a gift when he was born. They’re framed color plates from The Book of Cowboysby Holling C. Holling. (Don’t you just love his name? Though I wish his parents had had the guts to go all the way and make his middle name Holling too.) The final feature of this room are the two cuties over there next to and in the crib. They are my most favorite part of the room.

The boys' room

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