Project 365: Week 10

by Wendy Copley on March 11, 2009


March 5, 2009: Stupid Girl Scout cookies arrived and are embarking on their mission to make my butt bigger.


March 6, 2009: It’s pretty embarrassing, but I love putting my kids in matching clothes. How cute are they in their truck jammies? Wyatt is practicing writing words here. Believe it or not, he’s writing the word “anchovy”. Wha??


March 7, 2009: We spent the day at the Bay Street shopping center having lunch and buying clothes to wear on our trip to Austin next week. Of course, we had to get cupcakes at Teacake Bake Shop while we were there.


March 8, 2009: Poor Augie came down with pink eye. I took him to an emergency appointment at Kaiser for a diagnosis and filled a prescription for antibiotic eye drops.


March 9, 2009: I stumbled out of the bedroom this morning to find Wyatt spelling “Chinese” out of blocks. I helped with the S (and told him what letters are in the word) but he did the rest.


March 10, 2009: Augie gets up on his hands and knees constantly now. On this day he was wearing these super cute yoga pants and he kept doing moves that look like “downward dog”.


March 11, 2009: Roar! I received a game for Wyatt and I to review and it had these cute masks in it. I’m wearing the scary lion one here.

Tonight I’m going crazy packing for our trip to Austin. I’m not planning to post while we’re gone, so don’t look for a new bento post until next Friday.

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