Project 365: Week 7

by Wendy Copley on February 21, 2009


February 12, 2009: I made a big batch of cookie dough this week and baked off a few at a time for a couple of days. I make great chocolate chip cookies. The secret is to replace half of the vanilla extract with almond extract. Yum!

I don’t think the cookies were the cause, but Thursday night I got a terrible case of food poisoning. It lasted several hours and I was completely broken the next day. Even though being sick dominated the next 24 hours, I decided there wasn’t a picture I could take (or wanted to take!) to document the experience so instead you get this nice photo of Wyatt’s valentines:


February 13, 2009: Wyatt had his first ever Valentine’s party at preschool. He collected a bunch of cards, but they didn’t let the kids open them until they got home. He looooooved opening each valentine up and checking out the little treats. The valentines he handed out were pretty cute. They were a sticker sheet with a car or motorcycle on it and a bunch of decorations you could pull off to decorate each vehicle.


February 14, 2009: We had a nice Valentine’s morning. I made heart shaped pancakes for everyone, then gave the boys their gifts. Wyatt got some robot colorforms and a packet of Pop Rocks and Augie got a kitty doll. Zach and I had a hard time getting it together for Valentine’s day and it’s not something either of us are very into, so we decided to post-pone until we could get a babysitter and have a nice dinner somewhere. I love them all.


February 15, 2009: Both Wyatt and Augie woke up at the crack of dawn — which I define as before 6 a.m. — and I was just unable to cope with motherhood. I put Augie down on a blanket on the floor to practice moving around and I introduced Wyatt to Fat Albert via Then I drank about 40 cups of tea and read a magazine.


February 16, 2009: We had a lot of rain this week, so Wyatt was stuck inside a lot. Here, he rides on his rocking horse in an effort to dispense with some of his energy.


February 17, 2009: This is the view from our front porch. That white car is our VW Fox. I bought it in 1996 and it’s still running pretty well.


February 18, 2009: The light in our bedroom was awesome, so I did a little photo shoot with Augie on our bed. You can see more of the photos I took over on Flickr.

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