Project 365: Week 6

by Wendy Copley on February 12, 2009

Hey guys — thanks for all the nice comments on my week in review post the other day. They really made me feel better. Adjusting to stay-at-home-momming has been a bit of a challenge to me (and probably will continue to be for awhile) but this week has been a lot better than last week for sure.


February 5, 2009: I love how Augie looks surprised here — like he’s never had me stick a camera in his face or something.


February 6, 2009: Friday Zach and I played hooky from the world  for part of the day. We dropped Wyatt off at preschool early so that we could meet with the speech therapist to go over the results of his assessment. (He’s definitely going to need therapy to work on his “kah” sound — it comes out like “tah”.) It was still early when we finished, so we decided to get $2 breakfast at Ikea. While we were in the neighborhood, we went to a 3-D showing of Coraline (which was great). And then we finished off the morning with luncheon at Zao Noodle House. In this photo Zach is playing with his beloved iPhone. He is most likely posting a notice to that says “Waiting for noodles with my beautiful wife.”


February 7, 2009: Can you take another photo of Augie on his play gym? I know I post a lot of these, but he hangs out there a lot. In this photo he’s doing one handed baby pull-ups. See how big his muscles are getting?


February 8, 2009: This is what our living room floor looks like on a typical day. Nice, isn’t it?  We like to keep it real here at Wendolonia.


February 9, 2009: Wyatt has learned to get the swings going all by himself and pump so he can go really high. Hallelujah! One of the most dreaded parts of the playground for both Zach and me is pushing the frakking swing for 45 minutes so naturally we are thrilled by this development.


February 10, 2009: The weekly grocery store run. It normally fits into three bags but this time I brought home SEVEN bags. And that’s not including the bag of potatoes and the gallon of milk. Crazy. Of course, I forgot my reusable bags — I practically always do. They are still sitting by the front door so I’ll remember to put them in the car.


February 11, 2009: Wyatt has made vast improvements in his letter writing skills of late. I bought him this wipe-off place mat to practice with and now he’s getting good at the lower-case letters as well. Seriously — look at that “b” that he wrote!

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