The Week in Bento: January 27-30, 2009

by Wendy Copley on January 30, 2009

Here are the bentos for this week. I was able to get a little more creative now that I’m not rushing to get myself out the door for work too. (It helped that the baby has started sleeping a little later in the mornings too.)

Preschool Bento #131: January 27, 2009

Tuesday I sent strawberries, tofu (with kissing giraffe cut-outs) and a slice of banana bread with a strawberry cut into a heart shape.

Preschool Bento #132: January 28, 2009

Wednesday I sent mini-pizzas that I made along with our big pizzas the night before. I also sent an apple cut into chunks and some pretzels to fill in the gaps.

Preschooler Bento #133: January 29, 2009

Thursday morning I had scrape the bottom of the barrel to come up with ideas for Wyatt’s lunch. It felt like we were out of everything. But look how nice this turned out! I put in some leftover salad greens from the previous night’s dinner with a few red pepper stars to jazz it up visually. He never eats the red peppers when I put them in his lunch though, so I think I need to come up with something else. There is a little balsamic vinaigrette in the little bottle with the black lid. I also sent some salami and a blueberry muffin from the freezer.

Preschooler Bento #134: January 30, 2009

Friday I gave him a challah bun with a little teddy bear stamped into it, salami, blueberries and a cheese stick. I always open cheese sticks before I put them in his lunch because he can’t do it himself yet.

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