Project 365: Week 2

by Wendy Copley on January 14, 2009

A peek at the second week of my year. I ended up with a lot of photos of Wyatt this time.


January 8, 2008: I skipped doing laundry for a couple of days and all hell broke loose. Once I started doing it again, I managed to keep the washer running but not to fold stuff as it was finished, so now there’s a 3 foot high pile of clean laundry on top of the washing machine.


January 9, 2008: Wyatt went to sleep cuddled up with his R2-D2 action figure.


January 10, 2008: Saturday, the boys and I went to a party at the Guth’s with Aunt Erin and Uncle Bon-Bon. (Zach had to work.) I put Wyatt in his jammies for the ride home because I knew he’d fall asleep. Bryan is faking it for the photo.


January 11, 2008: Zach was working again on Sunday (notice a theme?) so Wyatt, Augie and I walked over to Rubio’s for dinner. Wyatt had a quesadilla and I had one fish taco (yummy!) and one shrimp taco (blah). Augie waited until we came back home and had some nummies.


January 12, 2008: Monday we had record high temperatures. It was in the low seventies! I worked in the morning and then in the afternoon the boys and I took a long walk, stopping first at Starbucks, then the bank, then to Memorial Park. Our final stop was Trader Joe’s for the fixin’s to make home made pizza.


January 13, 2008: Augie got in a little tummy time on his play gym.


January 14, 2008: Wyatt followed an evening of bad behavior with a monster tantrum. After 3 straight hours of mischief and uncooperativeness, he had to go to bed with no bath, no tooth-brushing and no stories.

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