The Week in Bento: December 9-12, 2008 plus December 15, 2008

by Wendy Copley on January 4, 2009

OK, so this post has been a long time coming. We were traveling for the last few weeks of the year and my weekly bento update just slipped through the cracks.

Preschooler Bento #114: December 9, 2008

Tuesday our cupboards were freshly stocked so I was able to send several of Wyatt’s favorites: strawberries with some sprinkles for cuteness, canned peaches, a laughing cow cheese and a hot dog bun.

Preschool Bento #115: December 10, 2008

Wednesday I sent some leftovers from dinner the night before: mixed veggies (corn, peas, carrots and green beans), garlic bread, chicken apple gouda sausage chunks and some catsup in the little pink box.

Preschooler Bento #116: December 11, 2008

Thursday marked the victorious return of spicy meat! I managed to resist Wyatt’s pleas to buy it for a couple of weeks, but finally caved in and got some more. I also sent garlic bread and a clementine wedges.

Preschooler Bento #117: December 12, 2008

Daddy made the bento on Friday because I was feeling sick and slept in a bit. He sent chocolate shortbread stars, french fries, salami and a hot dog bun. Go Daddy, go!

Preschooler Bento #118: December 15, 2008

I also sent a bento with Wyatt the Monday before we left on our trip. He got some nice Wall-E toys for Christmas from his aunt and uncle the night before, so I let Eve pose in the photo too. Here you see: baked tofu, a red pepper giraffe, clementine wedges a few grapes and some pretzel crackers.

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