by Wendy Copley on November 24, 2008

I took my 30,000th photo with our digital camera last week. Can you believe that? We bought it in April of 2005, so it’s taken about three and a half years for us to take that many photos. In honor of the occasion I decided to go back through our files and show the 10,000th and 20, 000th photos as well.



View of the sunset and BART from our back porch.
Taken: November 16, 2008


Our 20,000th photo

Carving pumpkins for the first time. I was about to give Wyatt a kiss in this photo, so that’s why my mouth is like that.
Taken: October 31, 2007


10,000th Photo

Roses from our back yard, lined up on the window sill above our sink. Not a bad view when you’re doing the dishes.
Taken: September 4, 2006

One of the things that I think is striking about these three photos is that they all feature “every day” kinds of subjects. This is one of the things that I like best about digital photography — because there are no physical barriers (no film in the house!) and no financial barriers (films too expensive to waste!) we end up photographing anything that strikes our fancy.  As little as ten years ago, people approached photography very differently.  Many people only brought out the camera for special events — birthdays, holidays, etc. — and had very few family photos. There are people I know whose childhood photos wouldn’t even fill a whole shoebox. Flash forward to the age of digital cameras and our family is taking 10,000 photos every 14 months. By the time both of my kids graduate from college, we could easily have a quarter of a million photos of them. Insane.

10,000 photos a year cause their own kind of problems, of course.  I have photo management “strategies”. We struggle to keep our photos backed up and sorting through the many photos requires a lot of time. But I’m thrilled to have a visual record of our family’s life.

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