The Week in Bentos: November 18-21, 2008

by Wendy Copley on November 21, 2008

My kid is not eating anything these days! Frankly, I’m not sure why he’s still alive. I’ve read that a person can survive without food for two weeks, so maybe he’s just not far enough into his hunger strike yet. If things don’t change soon I’m afraid I’ll be posting an obituary along with photos of bento boxes next Friday.

OK, so I jest….but only a little. One wonders why I bother to pack these lunches in the mornings, just to unpack them again in the evenings.

Preschool Bento #106: November 18, 2008

Tuesday: peas, crackers, a cheese elephant, salami, a rice star and some grapes. As far as I can tell the only thing Wyatt ate from this lunch was the salami.

Why is there a hand in that photo? Well, my dad told me the other day that he’s having a hard time judging the size of the bento boxes we have, so I asked Wyatt to put his hand in the photo for scale. Here’s another one where he’s holding his lunch box. I’m not sure this is a great way to judge the size though because the fisheye effect from the lens is making his lunch look pretty gigantic in this photo.

Preschool Bento #106: November 18, 2008


Preschool Bento #107: November 19, 2008

Wednesday his lunch had a rice bear with a catsup face, strawberries and little smokies. There is also a container of catsup down below the sausages for dipping. Guess what Wyatt ate from this lunch.

One strawberry.


Preschool Bento #108: November 20, 2008

Thursday I gave him corn, strawberries and a thermos with buttered alphabet noodles with some peas and garlic mixed in.  He at the strawberries. At least he ate all five of them this time.

Preschool Bento #109: November 21, 2008

Today I was in a super big rush to get out of the house because I had to be somewhere by 9 am so this was the fastest lunch I’ve put together in a long time. Hot dog bun, strawberries, grapes and baked tofu. He ate the bun! He ate the bun! And the strawberries. Woooo!

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