The Week in Bentos: July 15-18, 2008

by Wendy Copley on July 18, 2008

I am starting to feel like I’m getting in a rut with the lunches I’ve been sending off to preschool. I feel like I do OK with the different fruits, veggies and starches, but I seem to send the same proteins over and over and over. How many times have you all had to look at salami, a sausage or tofu chunks? I was sending PB&J too, but now Wyatt has decided that he doesn’t like sandwiches, so I’ve mostly pulled them from my repetoire. Anyone have any good ideas for proteins to try him out on? I’m all ears.

Preschooler Bento #42: July 15, 2008

I made all of Tuesday’s bento the night before because I had a dentist appointment first thing in the morning. I sent: pineapple chunks, zucchini-date bread (from Trader Joe’s), leftover rice and peas from dinner molded into teddy bear and heart shapes and salami roll-ups. He ate everything but the rice which is a little strange because he had three servings at dinner on Monday night. Maybe he doesn’t like the texture of the cold rice though. Or maybe all the other stuff filled him up.

Preschooler Bento #43: July 16, 2008

Wednesday I sent more pineapple and zucchini bread, tomatoes with a little strawberry balsamic vinegar on them and baked teriyaki tofu strips.

Preschooler Bento #44: July 17, 2008

I thought that Thursday’s bento was very pretty. I sent some peach slices, peas, a mini-blueberry muffin that I pulled out of the freezer and the perpetual favorite, salami. I hope I’m not clogging this kid’s arteries before he even hits age four…

Preschooler Bento #45: July 18, 2008

Friday’s lunch has a blueberry cereal bar (behind the divider), leftover cooked carrots from last night’s dinner and some ranch dip (in the pink container), a chicken apple sausage, some cheese stars for decoration and some sliced havarti cheese that I put in to stabilize everything else.

A couple of people have noticed that I’ve been using some new bento boxes for the last month or so, so I thought I’d show what they look like with the lid on.  I got two new boxes with lids that lock on at the Ichiban Kan store by my house. I like these maybe a bit more than the other boxes I have because they hold a bit more and it’s also easier to rearrange things in the boxes when I need to.

Preschooler Bento #42: July 15, 2008

I also wanted to show a picture of the drink boxes that we use. These are called Litterless Juice Boxes and they’re made by Rubbermaid. They’re the same size as a disposable juice box and you can just pour juice, milk or water into them. I really like them because it’s much cheaper to buy a big carton of juice than to buy a bunch of little boxes every week. I also can dillute the juice with water a bit so it’s not so sugary. And finally, it significantly cuts back on the amount of waste that’s generated by Wyatt’s daily lunches (though I do put a fresh straw in the juice box every day because I’m afraid of bacteria building up in the “permanent” straw that comes with the boxes).

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