May Daily #31: Photo Scavenger Hunt

by Wendy Copley on May 31, 2008

We walked over to the store with the wagon to get a few groceries, but Wyatt started acting a little bored almost even before we left our front yard.

Starting out to the store

To distract him, I handed him my point and shoot and asked him if he could take pictures of things as we walked along. His first assignment? Take a picture of something blue:

Something blue

Take a picture of something red:

Something red

Take a picture of something purple:

Something purple

Take a picture of some garbage:

Some garbage

I did not instruct him to take a picture of my booty, but that’s one of the hazards of handing your child a camera when you’re pulling him in the wagon. Of course, a normal person wouldn’t have posted this picture on the internet….

Hey! I didn't say to take a picture of my booty!

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