Camera Cozy

by Wendy Copley on May 17, 2008

My new camera is so damn cute, I just had to make it it’s own little camera cozy. I used to think these things were called “camera cases” but a quick look around Google showed me I was just wrong. They are in fact called camera cozies. The idea behind this camera is that it’s small enough that I can carry it anywhere, but I don’t want it to get all banged up in my bag so that’s why it needs its own little case cozy.

I got this awesome polka-dot fabric and some fleece to match at the fabric store the other day, so I was all ready to dive into this project today. I started off by drafting a pattern based on my camera’s dimensions. I kept forgetting to add in one side of the camera or another though, so I had to make a gazillion drafts. Then I had to figure out the seam allowances which was hard because I didn’t know how much the fleece was going to bulk up the case. I ended up just guessing, but it turns out I guessed wrong. More on that later.

Camera Cozy: Home-made pattern

Cutting the fabric out went pretty smoothly.

Camera Cozy: Cutting the fabric

Next up came the sewing. I don’t even remember the last time I had my sewing machine out and I was making this project up as I went along. This picture pretty much sums up the process because I spent the next two hours sewing impulsively, realizing I’d screwed up, ripping seams out, thinking really hard, sewing again, finding another screw-up, ripping a seam out, and so on and so forth.

Trying to figure out how to make this thing work

But then finally I was done and it had all worked out! Here is a picture with my camera in the cozy:

Camera Cozy with camera inside

And here it is all fastened shut:

Camera Cozy: Finished!

My camera is all tucked away inside, well-padded and no longer getting scratched. Yay!

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