Things I feel guilty about as a parent:

by Wendy Copley on April 11, 2008

One thing I never knew before I became a mom was that I would feel guilty all the time. I know this is unreasonable. My logical brain tells me that I am a good mom — that my son is awesome and my next son will be too. But man does that emotional part of my brain keep me in line when I get too cocky.

Here are a handful of things I feel guilty about as a parent — some rightfully so, some irrational:

  • working
  • working at home
  • working at home in the evenings
  • engaging in my hobbies
  • letting my son watch DVD’s
  • letting my son play video games
  • letting my son see me play video games
  • letting my son see me play video games where a house gets robbed and introducing a new fear of burgalars
  • giving my son sugary foods to eat
  • giving him pizza and french fries too often
  • giving my son Cheerios and dried cranberries for dinner some times
  • waiting too long to start my son in preschool
  • taking my son out of day care
  • leaving my son in day care too long
  • forgetting to send cards to day care with Wyatt on Valentines Day
  • not sending my son to a preschool that his friend attends
  • not intuitively knowing everything that every other parent I meet already knows
  • yelling
  • losing patience with a three-year-old
  • swearing in front of my son
  • that one time I told Wyatt to “brush his f***ing teeth” and threw his toothbrush in the sink really hard (I still feel really guilty about this one almost a year later. I have a feeling I’ll take this one to my grave.)
  • letting Wyatt skip baths
  • not singing to the new baby in utero as often as I sang to Wyatt
  • just beginning to document my current pregnancy
  • eating fish while I’m pregnant
  • eating goat and bleu cheese while I’m pregnant
  • not sleeping as much during this pregnancy
  • feeling stressed out during this pregnancy
  • sometimes forgetting that I’m pregnant

What about you all? Anyone want to join in on the guilt-fest? Leave a comment if you feel up for it.

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