Seattle Day 2

by Wendy Copley on March 9, 2008

This is way over due, but here’s what I did my second day in Seattle.

We got up fairly early in the morning, got our crap together and headed out the door to visit Pike’s Place market. The day was cold, grey and blustery so we were all bundled up pretty well.

Lisa and Allison, walking to the Public Market

Our very first stop at the market was to duck into a cafe for coffees and hot apple cider. We skipped the pastries, but now that I look at the picture I took of them, I’m wondering why.


We wandered around outside for a bit, stopping at various stands to look at the delectables on display. Here’s the big sign for the market. Very Impressive. This is the first of many neon pictures that you’ll see.

Public Market Center

The first big fruit stand we encountered was one of the best. Here is Lisa with a pomelo.

Lisa with Pomelo

Next, we ventured inside the market. But first we stopped at the big pig statue.

Wendy and Allison with Pig

There were some interesting things to see down in the bowels of the market. Here you’ll see a mechanical fortune teller.

Fortune Teller

I loved all the neon signs inside the market.

Market Grill

This glorious fish counter called to me. After sampling a bit of this and that, I bought a lovely, expensive slab of smoked salmon here as a special treat for Zach and I. They packed it up in ice packs for me so it would make it home safely, but then I left it in Lisa’s refrigerator. I didn’t even realize it until we were on the plane home. My disappointment is still palpable writing about this now, over a month later.

Fish Counter

Beautiful, huge jars of tea at Market Spice. I wanted to browse in here for awhile, but it was very crowded and the aisles were narrow. Uncharacteristically, I started to feel a little claustrophobic and panicky, so I had to get out before I was ready.

Gunpowder tea

This is the Pike’s Place Fish Co. These are the guys who throw the fish. They didn’t throw any while we were there though. Bummer.

Pikes Place Fish

After we were all finished browsing the market, we went to pick up Lisa’s sweetie girl. Her identity will be protected here for her privacy — I will call her “Pinkie” because she likes pink. A lot.

We piled in the car and went to lunch at a Greek restaurant. I have no idea what the name was, and unfortunately, I didn’t write it down in my trip notes, but maybe Lisa will chime in on the comments.

The restaurant was a little bit divey, but the food was oh so good. We started with saganaki which has to be one of my favorite dishes in life. Pinkie was intrigued when we all yelled “Opa!” as it was delivered to our table, but not intrigued enough to eat any.


Here are my dolmades in avgolemono sauce. They were yummy, but those potatoes you see there rocked my world.


As we were waiting for our food, it started to snow. Allison was thrilled because she hasn’t seen snow in years and years so she had to go out and be in it.

Snow tongue

I love this shot with the snow sticking to her hair.

Allison with snow in her hair

Lisa came out to frolic too.

Al and Lisa in the snow

As lunch 1was wrapping up, Pinkie drew pictures of Aja the Mermaid for Allison and me. Lucky us

A picture of beautiful Naja

Next stop — downtown Seattle for the Underground Tour. The timing of our arrival was impeccable because it started raining right as we got out of the car and the tour is almost completely inside. The tour was about Seattle’s frontier days and explains how there was an entire city under the city that you see today. There were lots of stories about outlaws, cheaters and saloon girls too which is always an enjoyable thing in a tour.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures because it was dark and underground, but here is one that came out OK.

Heller's Cage

Lisa works in a very tall building, and we were nearby, so when we finished the tour we went up to her office to take a look at the view. How would you like to look out the windown next to your desk and see this every day? Yeah, me too. My view of the heater on the roof is pretty nice though….

The view from Lisa's office

Next up, we hopped in the car and drove over to Ballard to visit a place I’ve always wanted to go — the Archie McPhee store! Seriously, this is up there with the Grand Canyon, Santorini and the Great Wall of China on my visit-in-my-lifetime list. It did not disappoint. There were a ton of cool things to take pictures of and you can see a more of them over on Flickr.


I spent a couple of bucks there, but did not by this enticing snake.


While we were in the neighborhood, we decided to stop at Cupcake Royale for some treats.

Cupcake Royale World Headquarters

Mmmmmm….beautiful cupcakes.

Carrot cupcakes

We finished up the night with dinner at a tapas place with Lisa’s lady friends. No pictures of that though — we were too busy eating and having a whoop-dee-doo time.

And someday, I’ll post pictures of our final day when we visited the Space Needle.

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