September Daily: Summer Bounty

by Wendy Copley on September 9, 2007

So I’m falling a little behind posting the daily photos. I’ve actually been taking them every day, I just haven’t had the time to put them up because I’ve been down with a cold. I think I may go back and put the photos up on the days they were taken and back date them.

Today’s photo is of the tomatoes Wyatt and I picked this morning. Aren’t they gorgeous? I love a homegrown tomato in the summer time. I don’ t know if there’s a food that I find more delicious.

I have great memories of going outside with Mom in the summer time and each picking a big beefsteak tomato off one of the plants behind the garage. We would take them inside and slice them up into four or five thick slices and eat them for lunch with a dollop of cottage cheese. The cool, creamy cottage cheese perfectly offset the tomatoes, still warm from the sun. Heavenly.

Summer Bounty

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