Things I’m Digging: Part 2

by Wendy Copley on August 16, 2007

Another list of things I’m digging:

  • Items decorated with cherries — if you’ve known me for any length of time you’ll know that this isn’t anything new, but I’ve seen a couple of things lately that have rekindled my love of cherries. Allison’s curtains are rocking my world. And look at this beauty craft apron I found on! I’m trying to figure out a justification for buying it.
  • Freezer cooking — I’ve been doing this in fits and starts for a while now. I assemble a bunch of ingredients for different meals and freeze them all at once for us to have later. Then the night before I want to cook something, I pull it out of the freezer and by the time I’m home from work it’s all thawed and ready to cook. My favorite source of recipes for this is Saving Dinner but there are a bunch of sites on the web with free recipes too.
  • Little boys who willingly brush their teeth — they’re hard to come by around here, but sometimes we luck out.
  • Spam filters — Zach set me up with a new spam filter and now the amount of spam I get has gone from about 150 messages a day to 1 or 2. (If you send me an email and I don’t respond, let me know.)
  • Lots of pretty new paper and photos to play with — I just got a Shutterfly order of 100+ new photos today and I’ve been picking up new paper here and there too. It’s about time for some scrapbooking, I think.
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