Guitar Player

by Wendy Copley on March 29, 2007

Guitar Player, originally uploaded by Wendy Copley.

Zach took Wyatt over to Tom and Dee’s house for a visit tonight, so I had a chance to get some scrapbooking done. I made this page about Zach and his beloved guitar, Sunny. Journaling reads:

Zach and I had been together for more than five years (married for a few months) the first time I heard him play the guitar. I sort of knew he could play — he’d mentioned lessons a few times in the past — but I didn’t have a clue how good he was. He didn’t really start playing again until Wyatt was born. Since that time, he’s become a lot more serious about his playing, taking regular lessons, learning new songs and acquiring his beloved Martin, Sunny. I love hearing him play. It fills our home with warmth and music and make me content. But mostly I love how happy it makes my man.

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