LemonyTuna Salad for the Lunch Box

My son Augie loves tuna but I hardly ever remember to pack it in his lunches. When Bumble Bee asked me to create an albacore recipe to share with you, I vowed not only to create something that Augie would like but also to start packing it in his lunch more regularly. It’s a crying shame that I don’t already do this because:

  • He loves it.
  • Bumble Bee Albacore provides lean protein, healthy fat, and important vitamins and minerals.
  • It’s a ridiculously fast option.
  • We almost always have some in the cupboard.

Augie’s not particularly keen on traditional tuna salad made with pickles and mayo but he often asks for a can of tuna and some crackers as an after school snack. I thought I’d try jazzing that combo up just a little as a gateway to tuna salad. I stuck with flavors he already likes — lemon and cucumbers — and kept it simple and it worked!

Lemony Tuna Salad


You will also need whole wheat crackers, grapes and sugar snap peas to make this lunch exactly as I’ve shown it.

If you prefer to use a canned version  of Bumble Bee while albacore tuna, that will work just as well, but I would omit the added olive oil if you select a flavor that is packed in oil vs. one packed in water.

Lemony Tuna Salad with Bumble Bee tuna

To make the salad:

This is a simple recipe that’s great for a weekday morning, so there really is only one step: mix together the tuna, cukes, lemon and oil. Woot! So easy!

I like to use the tuna in the pouch for this because that makes it even simplerpen the pouch, dump it in the bowl. No draining required.

Lemony Bumble Bee Tuna Salad with whole wheat crackers, grapes and sugar snap peas

To make the lunch:

Pack the tuna salad into a large silicone cup and place it in the lunch box. I like to use one that’s nice and tall because that way the sides hit the top of the lunch box and the tuna is less likely to spill out in transit.

Tuck the crackers around the tuna cup then add some grapes and sugar snap peas for sides. I went for a bit of a garden theme with this lunch by packing the tuna in a flower shaped cup and adding lady bug and bumble bee picks to the side dishes. (Get it? Bumble bee?? Har har har!) Also, don’t forget to pack a small spoon to make putting the tuna on the crackers less messy!

Do you pack tuna in lunch boxes? How do you enjoy it?

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It’s Friday which means it’s time to recap another week of lunches for my boys. One thing that is kind of delighting me about lunches this year is that the kids are eating basically the same lunches every day — sometimes even the exact same lunch in the exact same lunch box. In the past, their food likes and dislikes were so different that I often would pack them completely different lunches, but I’m happy to see they are starting to agree on a lot of foods these days. Lunch packing is so much easier when I just make two of everything!

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Happy Birthday Bento for a 7 Year Old

Monday was Augie’s seventh birthday, so I packed his lunch full of a bunch of his favorites: leftover steak (with picks to spell out his name), watermelon (with googly eye picks and a party hat), cukes, Cheez-its, and a lemon cupcake leftover from his birthday party on Sunday afternoon. This lunch was packed in the PlanetBox Rover.

Lots of Treats Yumbox for Wyatt

Wyatt’s lunch was similar to Augies: strawberries, radishes, a cupcake of his own, sliced steak and Cheez-its. This was packed in a Yumbox.


Basic/Luxurious Bento for Augie

On Tuesday I had a special treat for lunches: sliced cantaloupe wrapped with a strips of prosciutto. If you’ve never had this combo it might sound strange, but the mix of the salty ham with the sweet juicy melon is absolutely amazing. Everyone in our family loves it!

The melon takes a few minutes to prepare, so I kept the other stuff in Augie’s lunch simple — sliced cucumber and a sunbutter and jam sandwich. He also had a pack of Hello Panda candy that’s not pictured here. This was packed in an EasyLunchboxes bento box.

Basic/Luxurious Bento for Wyatt

Wyatt opted for leftover coconut lime cake instead of the Hello Pandas so that’s what’s in the upper left compartment. He also had melon with prosciutto and a sunbutter and jelly sandwich. I gave him an applesauce pouch too. His was also packed in an EasyLunchboxes bento box.

Big Salad Bento for the Airplane

Zach (my husband) was off on another trip, so I packed him a healthy salad in an EasyLunchboxes for the plane. He had leftover roasted zucchini, cantaloupe slices wrapped with prosciutto, and a salad with tomatoes, radish and chopped sugar snap peas. I forgot about the salad dressing until the lunch was already packed and I realized that it was going to be a pain in the rear at security but Zach just told me he’d eat it without the dressing. Problem solved!


Hot Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes Lunch Box

The kids had identical lunches today, so I only took a photo of one of them. Whose lunch was it? I don’t know! That’s how similar they were! I used the OmieBoxes for these, because the main part of the lunches was leftovers from dinner the night before — mashed potatoes and bbq meatballs. If this looks familiar it’s because they had leftovers from the same dinner last week. I like to keep it simple when my husband is away! The rest of the lunch was strawberries, sugar snap peas, graham crackers and some pretzel thins.


Dumplings, Apples and Pretzels Bento

They had another set of identical lunches on Thursday. Each boy had a Yumbox Panino with chicken dumplings (from our freezer stash), pretzel thins, delicious apple slices and a couple of key lime cookies.


Snacky Bentology Lunch Box

Today we went with a snacky theme. Augie’s Bentology box held pita crackers, a ham rose, strawberries, carrots, celery sticks and hummus for dipping.

Cheese and Crackers Bentology Lunch

Wyatt also used a Bentology bento box and his was filled with crackers, cheddar cheese sticks, apple slices, ham and strawberries.

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