Crazy Typewriter Lady

by Wendy Copley on February 12, 2015

1939 Corona Silent

I’ve been in a bit of a typewriter frenzy the past month.  A few years ago, my husband gave me the best Christmas present ever: a burgundy 1939 Corona Silent typewriter. I don’t use it as much as I would like, but I pulled it out a few weeks ago and used it to do some scrapbooking and some other writing and it reminded me how much I love using it.

Man, I really love typing! It is so much more satisfying to bang away on a clickity-clackity manual typewriter than it is to type on a computer keyboard. Harder though, too. White out isn’t nearly as good as the backspace key!

Facit Typewriter

Just a few days later I found this beauty at a garage sale for a mere $5. FIVE DOLLARS! What the what?? It came with a hard case, a cover, a little wheely eraser thingy, a few sheets of erasable paper and the original receipt from 1969. Unfortunately, when I got it home I discovered that it did not come with a working carriage return. Drat! I’m hoping I can find some instructions showing how to fix it online, but if not I’ll probably take it over to the typewriter shop in Berkeley and see if they can help me out.


Coincidentally, I stumbled upon an app called Hanx Writer in the featured apps section of the Itunes store the very next day.  The little gold typewriter icon intrigued me and when I clicked through I saw it was a fun little typing app made by Tom Hanks (a famous typewriter aficionado) and based off actual typewriters in his very large collection. It’s not quite as good as a real typewriter, but I still enjoy using it to type when I’m on my iPad.

Typewriter calendar and card holder

By this time I was bordering on woozy from my typewriter addiction (or maybe it was the musty smell from the typewriter cases) so when I saw an ad for this letterpress typewriter calendar and the little typewriter cardholder, I was utterly powerless against them and bought them on the spot.

typewriter print

And finally, this is not a recent thing, but I want to share this great print I found on Etsy a few years back because it’s so dang cute.

How about you? Are you a crazy typewriter lady/dude?


Cutie Bear Bento Lunch -- I love all the girly touches!

As the mom of two boys, I don’t get a lot of chances to make girly-girl lunches and sometimes — every now and then — that makes me sad. Like kids clothes and scrapbook supplies, it seems like bento manufacturers create waaaaay more products that are targeted at girls than they do for boys. Despite the fact that my kids wore pink pajamas and played with tea sets and dolls when they were younger, they both began adhering to strict gender norms when they entered elementary school and now the color pink is strictly forbidden in their lunch boxes. Boo hoo for me!

I happen to like pink a lot though and I also enjoy hearts and bows, so on a whim I decided to make myself a girly-girl lunch last week. Basically, I just pulled every bento tool my kids won’t let me use on their lunches out of my supply stash and I went to town. I started by adding slices of a Cara Cara orange which is supposed to be kind of pink-ish inside. (Yeah, I dunno…maybe.) I also filled a small container with some Eat Well Embrace Life beet hummus. I was sent a sample of this hummus and I love it. It’s a little sweeter than normal hummus and it doesn’t have that strong cumin flavor that so many store-bought hummuses (hummi?) have. Also, it is the most gorgeous pink color I’ve ever seen. It’s like fairy princess hummus. Next up: snap peas and cauliflower with every pink pick I could find jabbed into them. There were flowers and jewels. It was glorious. Finally, I made a cute little bear sandwich filled with tuna salad using my CuteZCute Cuddle Palz set. I put another pink bow pick on top of her head and I gave her a thin slice of radish cut into a heart shape to hold. Unfortunately, I realize now that I forgot to give her hands to hold the heart. Sorry, cute bear sandwich…


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