Dinner Table Drawing

by Wendy on August 21, 2014

Put paper on the table and let your family doodle for a special treat

Last night I tried a little art experiment at dinner-time. Before the boys came in to set the table, I spread several sheets of butcher paper across our kitchen table and set out a few pencils. They were so excited when they saw it and both of them commented that it was like “being at a fancy restaurant.” Ha!

I was a little worried that the drawing would distract the kids from eating, but this turned out not to be a problem. I think it helped that I was serving a favorite meal (spaghetti and garlic bread) and that we were all very hungry, but the kids dutifully ate while we all doodled.

Dinner is often prime bicker-time for my boys, but the drawing distracted them and we all had a nice time talking about what we were making and building on each other’s drawings. When dinner was over we all cleared our dishes, but the empty spaces where out plates had been called us back to the table for more drawing. Augie wanted more color on the table so he ran back and forth to the art cart grabbing big handfuls of markers and colored pencils for us to use. We ended up drawing and chatting for another hour and a half after dinner was over!

This is probably not something I’ll do every night, but we all enjoyed it so I know I’ll do it again in the near future. Maybe it will become a spaghetti dinner thing?

What do you do to make dinners more special for your family?

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First Day of School!

by Wendy on August 19, 2014

First day of school with the Copley boys

The kids are back in school! Yesterday was the first day of school and it was a good one!

Wyatt is starting 5th grade and Augie is headed to Kindergarten. I seriously can’t believe how big and grown-up both my boys are. This is what Wyatt looked like when I started this blog. And Augie wasn’t even born yet back then. Now they are tall and gangly and they are smart, independent boys who make me laugh a lot and enjoy wearing neon-colored clothing.

First day of school with the Copley boys

I like to take those traditional first day of school photos so I thought I’d share a few if you’re willing to indulge me.

They started off being super cooperative with nice smiles

First day of school with the Copley boys

And then things took a goofy turn!

First day of school with the Copley boys

They wrapped our photo session up by posing as ninjas. Ninjas who dress in neon, that is…

I can tell we are going to have a great year!

Are you back in school yet? When did/will your kids start?



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