A fancy bento lunch for the last week of school

* Not really…but kind of really.

You guys! I am so sick of our morning routine and packing lunches. The kids are refusing to eat school lunch and we are so busy with end-of-the-year activities that I’ve been having trouble finding the time for my usual weekly shopping trips. This is making lunch-packing…challenging.

To vent my frustration a little, I packed this lunch and took a photo of what I want to put in my boys’ bento boxes these last weeks of school. Here’s how it broke down:

  • Protein: Chili cheese Fritos — they have “chili” in the name so there must be beans or meat or something in there, right?
  • Veggie: a dill pickle — pickles are made from cucumbers and those are definitely a healthy vegetable.
  • Carb: bottom-of-the-bag trail mix — combine the crushed tortilla chips at the bottom of the bag, the last few stale Cheerios and some of those crackers that only Dad liked. Fancy!
  • Fruit: an old banana — he didn’t eat it the first or second time you put it in the lunch bag, but maybe he’ll eat it today?

How are you muddling through these last days of school? Or are you one of those lucky people who are out already?? Only THREE MORE DAYS for us!


Warriors Bento Box Lunch! (You could easily make this for another team too.)

In a development that completely baffles me, I have gone from being a person who has barely cared about sports for her entire life to a crazy basketball lady who is obsessed with the Golden State Warriors.

I blame Steph Curry.

I first took notice of him (and the Warriors) during the playoffs last year when Wyatt (my 10 year old) started asking questions about him. The kids at school were talking about the Warriors and he felt left out so we watched a few games. Watching Curry play is magical and as this season went on and Curry and the Warriors broke record after record I got to the point where I never miss a game where my home town team is playing. Now I am in love with the whole team and I care deeply about this year’s playoffs.

So this morning, on the heels of last night’s hard won triumph in the Western conference semi-finals (all respect to the Blazers!) I did what any basketball obsessed, bento lunch-packer would do: I made my kid a Warriors lunch!

Pictured above you can see my handiwork: cucumber sticks with cheese cut into the Golden State Warriors initials on top, blueberries and pineapple to represent the team’s blue and gold colors, cherries with basketball picks and a turkey and cheddar basketball sandwich. I packed it all into a PlanetBox Rover lunch box.

A few notes about how I made this lunch:

Warriors Bento Box Lunch! (You could easily make this for another team too.)

I cut the bread into a circle by turning the round container that comes with the PlanetBox Rover upside down and using it like a cookie cutter. I was going to use it to cut the cheese too (hee! hee!) but it was quite a bit smaller than the container so I just used a knife to cut it into a rough circle. I started off drawing the basketball lines on with a black food-safe marker but it was almost completely dried out so the lines were lighter than I wanted. I found some black gel food coloring in the cupboard and used the tip of the marker to kind of paint the lines on with the coloring.

Warriors Bento Box Lunch! (You could easily make this for another team too.)

It came out great, but the gel wasn’t completely dried when it was time to close the lunch box and head to school so i carefully blotted it with a paper towel to get rid of some of the excess.

Warriors Bento Box Lunch! (You could easily make this for another team too.)

I wanted to add basketball picks to the cherries, but I didn’t have any in my collection so I made some really quickly. I took two identical stickers and stuck them to each other with a toothpick in the middle. Voila! Instant decoration!

Warriors Bento Box Lunch! (You could easily make this for another team too.)

I cut the “GSW” letters using this excellent fondant cutter set from Wilton. They are a nice clean font and a great size for decorating bento box lunches. Highly recommended!

Craft Warriors!

And finally I want to share this photo from the Warriors craft night I had with my college buddies, Sam and Grace, on Monday! We met up to watch Steph’s come-back game and made Warriors necklaces and cheesy foam visors while we cheered the team on to victory. Super fun! And I’m not saying we’re directly responsible for the win, but they did pull ahead the more we crafted, so I feel comfortable taking some of the credit.


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